Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Model :: Brianna.

Meet Brianna. This talented, punky young girl is my cousin. She's been playing guitar for a couple of years and also plays bass and drums, and is more musically talented than she realizes. She wants to be in a band someday, and I hope those dreams come true!

Wedding :: Tony and Megan.

Tony and Megan's wedding was one of the most fun weddings I've attended in my entire life. I knew every person in the wedding party and some of them are close friends of mine. I knew their personalities so well and it was fun to capture those on camera. They're not the average couple, they wanted fun, silly pictures more than anything!

Phil's, the best man's, speech summed up Tony and Megan perfectly. He said that when he was first introduced to Tony, the person who introduced them called Tony "a special child", and at first, Phil believed her. Later though, when he got to know Tony better, he realized he was more "normal" than originally thought. Phil then said that when he met Megan, it was the exact opposite. He thought she was pretty normal, but then realized that she's pretty special in her own way too, which makes the two of them a perfect match.

Engagement :: Steve and Dana.

Meet Steve and Dana. These two have the most beautiful blue eyes in the whole world! They wore blue shirts that brought out their eyes...I can just imagine the cute little blue eyed babies they could have! We're shooting their wedding in August, and it's going to be an outdoor wedding! I'm excited.

Engagement :: Tony and Megan.

Meet Tony and Megan. These guys are good friends of mine who are so full of joy. Tony's a big goofball who has boundless amounts of energy...and thankfully, Megan is very fun and patient, which makes them a perfect match!

Model :: Katie.

Meet Katie. I saw some really creative pictures where other photographers were doing something called "Trash the Dress". It's sometimes done with brides after their weddings and also done with girl's prom dresses. Katie modeled for me in a fancy dress in a river near her house. It was bright and sunny that day, and afterwards we put on our swim suits and tubed down the river. So fun!

Model :: Laura.

Meet Laura. I took pictures of her family and then also took pictures of just her after I got back from my convention. She's so easy to work with and it was a lot of fun. Being one of my best friends, it's not hard for us to enjoy ourselves when we're together.

Family :: McDermott.

Meet the McDermotts. Laura, the one on the right, is my roommate this year at college, and wanted to get family pictures for her dad for his birthday. They came to campus one day, and our vanity was full of make up and hair products as Kate and Laura got ready. We didn't have much time to take the pictures so we went just right outside our apartment, but because of the fall colors it was beautiful.

Model :: Leslie.

Meet Leslie. This girl is a good friend of mine who happens to love getting her picture taken. She's a student at UW-Madison this year and a music major with a beautiful voice. I went to a convention this January and asked her to come model for me so I could use what I'd learn. We played great music and had so much fun taking pictures!